My hate.

I hate to see you moving away ,

I hate the fact that I can't beg you to stay.

I hate your smile and the way you use to look at me,

I hate you more than everything.


I hate the way that you tell me lies,

I hate the tears that you made me cry.

I hate the touch of your hands and way you laugh,

I hate to see you with her and have to put a mask.


Why did you paint color when you just see black ?

Why do you made me believe in love and after made my heart crack?

I give you my heart and forget the fear,

In the begin it was sow confuse and now it's so fucking clear.


I won't look back one more time,

I'm leaving this world cause you're not mine.

Maybe I regret, maybe fine or maybe I won't

All I know it's I'm leaving this world and if you see me, just don't.


And with all this hate all you have to know,

Is that I hate the fact that you made me grow.


(aula de inglês)

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